A selection of exhibitions, happenings and curatorial work:

Auditory Residue, Window Gallery Tbilisi – 2022
Dark Matters, installation view at TAC Eindhoven, 2016
Construction of Illusion, solo at gallery Caesuur, Middelburg (curated by Just Quist – LET GOOO), 2015
Van Hieruit, installation view at Park Tilburg, 2019
Purple & Green, performance at Incubate Festival Tilburg (with Joris van de Moortel), 2014
Neither Innocent Nor Guilty, installation view of group show (with Walt van Beek, Erika Hock, Giorgos Kontis, Giacomo Santiago Rogado, Ilias Papailiakis, Antonis Pittas – Curated by Kontis), Daily Lazy Projects Athens, 2017
Assisting, researching and co-curating the current collection display ‘The Making Of Modern Art’ at the Van Abbemuseum with Steven ten Thije and The Museum of American Art Berlin, 2016-2017
Room to Encounter, snippet from a video performance (with Otto Rijpsma) firstly shown at Thomas Rameckers's exhibition 'Rhythm Roulette' at Kers Gallery Amsterdam, 2016. See the whole video in HD here
Construction of Illusion (#1), installation at ‘Symprovisation’ Extracity Antwerpen Belgium, 2012
I Like The Way It Moves You, performance at Park Tilburg, 2016
On Authorship, curatorial Project at The Orchid and The Wasp Amsterdam, 2017
The Uncontainable Pride of The Former Things, Installation view of group show curated by Gino Bosa, Padova Italy, 2012